Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Its been a while since I moved out of the bedroom and into my own room. We've started the (probably trying) process of starting to separate some things. We're trying to agree on who gets which car. I've asked him to start calling to switch over the utilities. Soon we'll go to the bank and refinance the house to get me added to the mortgage. All these things feel natural and normal.
The thing that's getting annoying is dealing with people's reactions to the news that we are not going to stay married. Some have been appropriately mum, or politely questioning. Others, however, are oddly judgmental or horrified. Why is it so hard for people to get that we just don't want to be a couple anymore?? There's no animosity. No fighting. Some people have been pushing us to 'fix' it. There's nothing to 'fix'. I'm not broken. He's not broken. We just aren't right for each other. You can't fix that. My in-laws think I must be depressed. They were totally perplexed when The Husband told them he was happier. I suppose that most people's experiences with separation and divorce are such that it automatically means something horrible. So I am getting a little tired of trying to explain myself. I'm fine. He's fine. The kids are fine. You just can't argue with that. (Well, I guess you can... but some people will argue anything...)

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