Sunday, February 26, 2012


I sense that things will be evening out soon. All the necessary family members have been notified (and my mother-in-law will make sure that all the unnecessary ones will know too). The Husband and I agreed that it would be wise to add my name to the mortgage, so that I can assume the payments on the house. He'd like to find a place to rent/buy nearby. I'm not sure how he'd manage to buy another place... he doesn't have any down payment money. Unless his folks help him out. I'm not pushing him out. It does seem like things are evolving on their own in that direction, which I'm comfortable with. He may be ready for his own place sooner rather than later, which is totally okay.

Unexpectedly, I have had the topic of co-habitation come up in my other relationship recently. Which is interesting, because it has been a bit of a 'no-no' subject for a number of reasons besides the obvious one. I'm eternally grateful that he and I can talk about it without expectations or other awkwardness. I am also glad that current circumstances prevent us from making any rash decisions on the matter... because while it is tempting to live with someone because it is mutually financially beneficial to do so, when that someone is your significant other, that is the wrong, wrong reason to move in together.

I opened up my own checking account today... I have a preliminary plan to have part of my paycheck transferred to this account, so I can start gauging how much its going to cost me to stay in this house and what services I can and can't keep. It also occurred to me today that I'm going to have to get our cell phones separated at some point... not sure how that works, but it shouldn't be too complicated.

I feel anxious and cautiously optimistic about how things are going...

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