Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life is Good, and You Shouldn't Judge Me For It...

Well, rather suddenly, I find myself going back to work in 4 days. Three days a week to start, because they don't really have room for me yet. It was one of those obviously meant to be things, because I contacted my old boss, and a few days later they were hiring me back over the phone. I have a bit of anxiety about some details, such as childcare, and Oh My God I Have to be Somewhere at 7 am. And also, what if I can't re-engage my brain??? But, I'm sure it will work out. And, I'll be making my own money again.

Some of the choices that have been made between The Husband and me in these recent months have led us down an unconventional path: open marriage. People can be quite judgmental, so I've been cautious about how much of this I let out at any given time... but now that things have settled, I'm starting to feel like, even though I don't really need to flaunt it, I am tired of hiding it too. Some people (in-laws) don't know, and we have no intention of telling (no, they don't read my blog). But I'm getting more comfortable talking about my life normally, or, as normal as is possible when you have a spouse *and* a boyfriend, who are aware and agreeable with one another. I love, and am loved by, two and we're happy. Now, I haven't quite figured out yet how to handle this in the office... offices are gossipy places, so while my inclination is to keep it to myself, people have a way of getting suspicious. So, we'll see how it goes. I may end up having to out myself, as it were, so if people are going to gossip about me, at least they'll have their story straight.

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