Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I got for Staying Out Late...

Went over to a friend's house to watch a movie. Got sidetracked. Started movie late. Had a super time! Shrugged off the late hour! Arrived home after 2 am. Received some text messages from friend. Fell asleep at 2:30. Felt oddly confident that I'd survive the day.

Crawled out of bed at 7 am to get breakfast for the kids.

Donned publicly acceptable clothing, propped my eyes open, started the drive to an 8:15 am chiropractic appointment. Drove straight into rush hour traffic. Arrived late for appointment which lasted approximately three minutes, in which the doctor said 'Carry on. Back in two weeks'. Left feeling somewhat ripped off.

Arrived home, went back to bed. Got up at 11. Still felt like no sleep had yet happened. Showered, started in on a pot of coffee (knowing full well I'd be drinking the whole thing), and braced myself for the longest. day. ever.

Decided to hoe the garden in preparation for garlic planting. Started the dishwasher. More coffee. Got on computer, bought new underwear and a fancy bra. Winced noticeably at the dollar amount. Bought anyway.

Decided I could not remain upright much longer. Put son on the DS and climbed into bed. Slept briefly, still felt shitty.

Picked daughter up from school. Felt relieved that she wanted to watch a movie when she got home and didn't have any homework.

Spent an extended period on the couch, staring into space. Pulled out 'Gladiator', decided it required too much brain function.

Decided I should probably not operate the stove today. Fed kids leftover pizza and fruit for dinner. Fed leftover chili to myself. Finish last of coffee.

Put The Boy in the bath.

Started 'Transformers 3', since it requires little attention, and started folding laundry.

Tried to be interested in something daughter was telling me about one of her stuffed toys. It's hard to focus. Put daughter in the shower.

Continue laundry folding. Boy has a cold, goes to bed on time. Thank heavens for little boys who like their sleep.

Daughter watches part of the end of 'Transformers', then goes to bed after the usual amount of dawdling.

Finally free and feeling a strong urge to vent, send text to friend. Proceed to eat chocolate and finish 'Transformers'.

Receive text from friend. Friend is busy, can't talk. Ok. Look at the time, now too late to call anyone else but too early to go to bed unless I want to wake up at 3 am. Which I don't.

Climb in bed and mope about how much I hate my husband's work schedule. Decide that moping is stupid. Read 'The Call of the Wild'. Lay in bed for a long time thinking about it and remembering that this is why I don't read before bed.

Cat is hogging the bed. Husband is making a lot of noise downstairs. Put some music on to drown it out and finally fall asleep at 1 am.

Wake up at 4 am with 'Love is not a competition (but I'm winning)' by Kaiser Chiefs stuck in my head and my phone sending me what turned out to be a Google+ alert. Got up at 7 to start another day.

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