Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sorry Trees...

The tree removal people came and felled the third and final tree I slated for removal from our yard today. I still have somewhat mixed feelings about it, because I love trees, and it wasn't the trees' fault the previous homeowner made the ill-fated decision to put them there. Even so, because I actually want to grow things besides moss in my yard, the trees had to go. So even though I was sad about having to cut the trees down, I am excited for all my other plants to get their sunny due. The guys felling the tree did step on two of my plants, but I don't think either was permanently damaged.

AND... I think one of my onion seeds is sprouting! Yay! That makes two peas and an onion. I planted one currant tomato indoors, and it has sprouted also. I was contemplating what to do about tomatoes this year, as I do not have a good space indoors to do seeds, but the answer presented itself in the form of a plant sale at my son's school. Which happened to include an heirloom tomato sampler. So that just left the currant tomato, which I started on the kitchen windowsill. So I guess so far this years gardening news isn't *all* bad... although a break in the rain would be so nice... and why is my weather widget predicting snow tomorrow?! WTF??

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