Monday, April 4, 2011


I had to take my little elderly cat to the vet today... we've been having trouble with her vomiting for the past four days or so. So, the vet took a blood and urine sample. He put her on a special gastrointestinal diet, and gave her a huge dose of subcutaneous fluid. They trimmed her nails for me, because they had gotten so long one was starting to grow into the pad of her foot, and she won't let me anywhere near her nails at home. The vet was concerned that her kidneys felt small, and so there might have been a change in her kidney function. Hence, the lab work. He said that shrunken kidneys would not be uncommon at her age (15). Despite knowing that all of this could mean nothing, and her labs could all be within normal, and that she's old, and when you're old, stuff just stops working... hasn't really kept me from feeling irrationally sad about all of it today... and its not like I've never thought about her dying, but I guess when a health issue crops up it gives you a rude reminder. Sort of like what has been going on with my mom, I suppose. It is still upsetting to me, knowing that I will lose my little cat someday... she's been my little neurotic friend for 13 of her 15 years. It's hard to imagine what my home will be like without her.

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