Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Sunday...

Church today... a good lesson on avoiding worthless things (biblically speaking). Many guilt pangs. :-)

Made individual chicken pot pies for dinner... Coralie has been requesting this for a while. It takes three days to thaw a chicken in my fridge, so it's been hard to remember to get that started. It's one of very few ways I can get her to eat some vegetables. She didn't finish, so no dessert. Keelan and I had some home made banana ice cream.
Made some chicken stock with astragalus.

Going to go get some new wheels on my car tomorrow... something I have been planning for a couple of years. Hopefully if I get over there first thing, I won't have to wait for eons.

I tasked The Husband with two things this weekend: clean the fridge, and clean out the car. He really went to town on the fridge, which was AWESOME. It's the only chore I hate more than laundry, yet I always get stuck with it. (Both, actually...) He even washed the shelves... it was so gross, even he felt compelled. Some nagging (and a day of respite, lol) was required to get the car done, but he did it this morning. Now I don't have to be mortified when I go get the wheels done tomorrow. So, yay husband.

Trying a new thing, trench composting. Or, in my case, it would be hole composting. It had been suggested to me by the landscape designer and a good way to improve our hard-ass clay. So far, so good. No rodent problems. Kids thought it odd to see me outside after dinner in my apron and rubber boots, digging a hole. Contemplating pre-digging some holes in case I feel lazy later.

Contemplating a couple of purchases... a DSLR camera (I keep waffling on this) and a treadmill. Probably not both, unless I get one used. Or on a super awesome sale. Husband would probably prefer the treadmill. We miss our elliptical trainer. I like a treadmill better... I can zone out better.

Couple of visits to the ND for acupuncture and neck/back adjustment. Things seem to be on the mend... more pills to take now. Possibly cranky gallbladder. :-( Of course, taking a few pills is far better than feeling like I'm going to puke, so, I'll take it. The recurring nausea so frightened my husband, he went out at 10 PM to get a pregnancy test. Hee!

That is all... must go see if 'Holmes on Homes' is on yet...

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