Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Almost Halloween! Eek!

Been working on my daughter's costume like mad the last couple of days. I'm almost done. I believe it will be passable. Thank God Keelan's is just an off the rack costume. *sigh* I really have to finish it tomorrow- Coralie has a Harvest Dance at school and needs to wear it.

Discovered today that my husband is all out of dental benefits for the year. Unfortunate, since he's right in the middle of getting a crown fitted. So everything from here to the end of the year will be out of our pocket. Already we're paying $700 for the crown.

I joined Facebook. Even though I said I wouldn't. It started out because my daughter's Girl Scout troop is on there, and that's how her leader disseminates troop information. She was having to make a point of sending me an email every time, which was, ah, hit or miss. I have to say it's been more fun than I like to admit. I've found some old high school friends... talking to them has been like being in a time warp. Some people really don't change much.

Haven't been getting enough sleep, which has been making me irritable. Boo.

Suddenly developed a flea problem, which is weird since I started keeping both cats indoors a couple of months ago. Anyway, they are eating me alive. Ugh. I itch just thinking about it. I've got the cats on some flea drops now, so hopefully the problem will abate.

The Husband is sick. Here's to hoping he doesn't share it. He might need to take a sick day, in which case I'll have a third child in the house that day. :-/

And that is all. Time to go check out in front of the TV...

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