Saturday, June 12, 2010

Missions Accomplished...

Seems like I can't Twitter and blog at the same time... if I'm actively Twittering, I'm not blogging. If I'm blogging, I'm not Twittering.



The Husband took the shorties to the beach with his parents, to go clamming. Coralie loves clamming. I was invited, but when faced with the opportunity to have a whole day (and night!) to myself to do stuff (or not), well, I decided to stay home. AND LO & BEHOLD I actually did do some stuff today...

Went to the consignment shop to get Coralie some pants, as she's already too tall for most of the pants she got for Christmas. Also picked up some things for a friend who had a wee (5 lb!) baby last weekend.

Bought three large tomato cages... two round for tomatoes and one box for dahlia. I am aware of how ridiculous I probably looked with these large cages wedged into the back of my two door coupe. With one pointing right at the back of my head. (I couldn't have it scratching my window tint, man!)

Pulled up all the unwanted grass clumps in the backyard. Here's the one upside to all this rain... they came right out.

Tried out some new anti-slug & snail spray made with cinnamon oil.
Al's did not have the right kind of nematodes I need for the cutworm problem. :-(

Dug a big hole. The landscape designer I consulted with noted our patio drainage problem, which we had always attributed to either improperly sloped patio or drainage pipe. She said it looked like the sloping was fine, but that the drainage bed was not properly prepared. She said I should dig a hole and fix it. So, I dug a hole. What do you know! The drainage pipe was actually blocked with concrete from the patio. Wellll, there's the problem right there! I cleared the blockage. Sprayed water on the patio, and the water cruised right into the drainage hole like it's supposed to. So, now The Husband will finish enlarging the hole and we'll fill it with gravel.

I was feeling buoyed by the weather, so I hung up my solar string lights. I was not, however, feeling ambitious enough to drag out all the furniture and umbrella.

I noted that there are eleven flower stalks (!)on my small Hosta.

I hung out a load of laundry on the line. The lines desperately need tightening, but it's such a pain in the ass... *sigh*

Made a jar of tea in the sun.

Had tuna salad for dinner, sat outside with a bowl of ice cream afterward.

Now I'm thinking about all the stuff *inside* the house that needs to be done, which I really don't feel like doing...

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wow! not just busy but productive! go!