Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Hate This Day

I'm having A Day! A day where I really want to say 'Children, can you please go be annoying somewhere else???' That, however, would be a terrible thing to say to my children. (I can think it, though...)

A day where it CONTINUES TO RAIN. And my plants CONTINUE TO DIE. Except the weeds. They never die. My passionflower is on it's way out. My honeysuckle is limp. Echinacea won't grow.

A day where every exchange with my daughter turns into an argument. One that ultimately resulted in her stealing my iPod, me taking her Zhu Zhu pets, two tantrums (hers, not mine), and eventual return of pilfered iPod and confiscated Zhu Zhu pets. And Keelan walked around with his fingers in his ears so he wouldn't hear her screaming. I didn't want to hear it either.

I should have known how this day was going to go... when first thing this morning, Keelan got upset that I threw out a smoothie that had been sitting in the fridge since last week. He sat on the floor of the kitchen and cried for 30 minutes.



Nurit "1 family. friendly. food." said...

Oh my, what a day indeed.
I have these kinds of days too when it just gets to be too much and I fantasize of living on a deserted island, just me, all alone... and after a day or two everything calms down and goes back to normal :)

haggardmom said...

Ooo, and I forgot to mention one of my cats is suffering from, uh, intestinal distress. :-(

At least we all got through dinner with no complaints. :-)

It's true, it will all right itself eventually... :-)