Friday, May 28, 2010

Happiness is...

A new shower curtain???
Well, yes. I was at Bed, Bath, & Beyond yesterday to get a curtain rod, and I saw this. This is an Amy Butler design, and I *love* Amy Butler fabrics. I am used to getting $10 shower curtains at Ross, so I felt very naughty buying this... but then I saw a shower curtain in a magazine that was $125 (and it was made of the SAME MATERIAL as this one) and then I didn't feel so bad. Husband thinks it's girly (it is) but too bad. This is HAPPY FABRIC.

I planted Coralie's veggies yesterday... I had to put a couple of her lettuces in my garden, which turns out to be good because something ate the two in the pot overnight. :-O

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