Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Coralie has been bringing home an assortment of veggies that she started at school. So far we have a potato, a green bean, and about ten lettuces which are sprouting out of one hole. There is still a sweet potato that has yet to arrive. I decided most of it can be planted in the pot with my dead orange tree. I think the tree will provide a nice trellis for the bean. She's pretty sure the lettuces are head lettuce (groan... because I'm having such good luck with them... insert sarcasm here).

I started on Discworld #5 today... I've been getting them for my eBook reader from the eBook library... it feels good to be voraciously reading again, it also feels good to be reading something light and funny. I briefly entertained the thought of reading them to Coralie, but there's a little innuendo in them that would be awfully hard to explain, and she wouldn't get a lot of the jokes. I read that Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with Alzheimers... what a terrible thing, for such a fantastic author to lose his mind that way. Some irony there too, I suppose...

Not much happening in the garden, nothing new, anyway. Just waiting for this damn rain to go away. :-(

Haven't been sleeping very well lately... last night I took some Valerian tincture before bed, and all it did was give me warm fuzzies and no sleep. That stuff tastes and smells exactly like stinky feet, so for it to then not work was supremely aggravating.

Departed from my no-carbs-after-4 status to have blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with chicken hot dogs for dinner. I let the kids crack the eggs, which they were very excited about. And I only had to fish out one shell fragment. I know I need to be better about getting the kids involved in the kitchen, but it's so hard! I often have some sort of timeline in my head that does not allow for the delay/extra mess of little hands.
Coralie's already wacky eating habits are taking some new twists... she informed me recently that she doesn't like bananas and peanut butter together (WHAT??!!). She told The Husband yesterday that she no longer likes tortillas (!). And she claims to dislike Nutella, pears, and yogurt. *sigh*
She asked me yesterday why I never make foods that she likes... I calmly replied that I like to eat more than three foods, and when she's a grownup she can eat all the mac & cheese, pizza, and peanut butter she likes.

I signed Coralie up for a couple of half-day nature camps at the local nature park this summer. I haven't decided on anything for The Boy yet. Do they have a class for little boys where they can run around in circles for an hour??

This is one of those weeks where I ordered my week's groceries online from New Seasons, to be delivered... I just ran out of time slots in which I could get to the store by myself, and my desire to grocery shop with my shorties is severely limited. I usually go to Trader Joe's, but NS had Kettle Chips on sale this week... the only thing I didn't get was turkey, because, sorry New Seasons, I am not paying $20 for a turkey breast. I will go get cutlets for $5 at Trader Joe's, thank you very much. Fortunately, between my weekly produce box and dairy delivery, I don't need much from the store. I escaped New Seasons for about $55.

Only a few weeks left of school... Lord, I cannot wait...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird to read again after not reading for a long time? I actually decided to read a historical/fantasy novel this week, and I don't think I've read anything fiction since before Ellie was born.

haggardmom said...

It surely does... especially getting back to fiction after reading nothing but cookbooks and herb books for such a long time.