Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going to my Happy Place...

Ohh... what an un-fun time we've been having. I am on the verge of calling the family therapist, before I say something to my daughter that I *really* regret. I almost called Monday, but then, she was really good that day! Sadly, it was not to be a trend. :-( Clearly, she feels she's not being heard (although, I feel like we do nothing *but* listen) and we're unable to cement the idea that 'listening' and 'getting your way' are not the same thing. So, around and around we go. Today the central problem was that I told her she couldn't have a sleepover. Who knew that little bit could ruin a whole day???
We did get out to the school to play and we three kicked a ball around until I felt like I was going to die *wheeeeze*

I've discovered that, you can, in fact, make ice cream out of frozen bananas. Seriously, it sounds weird, but it tastes really good. Except I tried to make mint chip today and added too much mint. And we all know that too much mint is like, WOWSUPERMINTY, and not that pleasant.

I got myself an ice cream maker, yay. I've had my eye on it for a year, and it never went on a good sale, so I finally just bought it. Made frozen yogurt, which was yummy, but the leftovers settled in the freezer and I now have a rock hard frozen block of cherry chip. I guess next time I'll let it run longer... :-)

Poppies are blooming:
I'm going to blame the wacky weather, but they ended up getting really, really tall before they got blooms. So now they are falling over because of the flowers.
I've harvested a few more pods of peas... not enough for dinner or a salad, but the kids really like to eat them out of the pod. Which is funny, because normally Coralie won't eat peas. Even now that she's decided that she likes the fresh ones, she still won't eat frozen peas.
I think the July blueberries will be on time... they are getting a bluish tinge now.
The echinacea seems to be finally getting going now, as is the huge ornamental grass that I moved recently. Both are putting up new shoots from the ground.
I'm glad to see things happening.

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