Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Does the Time Go???

Today, my son turned 5.
It seems like not that long ago we were bringing him home, while dealing with the full horror of toilet training our daughter. *shudder*
He hated sleeping anywhere except with us. So I bought him a shirt that read, 'I hate my bed'.
He had jaundice, so he was put on a three hour feeding schedule. He liked it so much, he kept the three hour nursing schedule until he was 6 months old. :-(
You'd never know it now, but Keelan had wild, curly hair as a baby. Somewhere I have a good picture of him after a bath with a puffy little bouffant 'do... I started cutting his hair at 6 months.
My son has always been small... he was 3% on the weight chart as an infant. Now he's tall, almost as tall as his sister, but he can still wear size 3T underwear.
He didn't talk until he was 18 months old (other than 'mommy' and 'daddy'). Then he started speaking short sentences. By the time he got to preschool, he was so articulate, sometimes it was funny. He'd say things like, 'Yes. It is.' instead of 'Yeah!' His sister is like a non-stop audio feed, so he talks a lot now.
He's like Coralie's errand boy- 'Coralie needs a snack.' 'Coralie can't find her shoes.' 'Coralie wants to play on the computer.' What will she do when the day comes when he refuses to do her bidding?
Keelan for years talked in this incredibly high, cartoonish voice. He rarely deviated from it (my father-in-law said he sometimes did, but I never heard it). We used to joke that he was going to end up with a voice like Barry White someday. One day, he just stopped doing it.
My son likes to do things with his hands... he likes to take things apart and put them back together (sometimes correctly).
Ah... I could go on and on... but most importantly, he is a good son. And a good little brother.

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