Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Bits

We're off to a bumpy start to the ole summer here in the haggardmom household. Primarily, the swath of horrid meltdowns perpetuated by my daughter. Ugh.
Lots of 'YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!' which for her, is code for 'YOU'RE NOT GIVING ME WHAT I WANT!' Oh, and let's not forget the classics, 'YOU'RE STUPID' and 'I'M RUNNING AWAY'. Fun times, yo!

Operation Photinia Removal has begun. Today, a large branch fell on my daughter (from a low height). The Husband had cut it and then helpfully dropped it onto my tomatoes. I was pulling it off the tomatoes, and the large cut end fell towards me. Meanwhile, The Husband is yelling, 'Coralie, MOVE! MOVE!' Well, she didn't, and the branch fell and hit her shoulder. Then she started wailing because... we yelled at her. Then she was mad because I made her go in the house. Lots of screaming on her part (somehow, none from me). Anyway... Hubby and I disagree as to whether or not we should just cut them down all at once, or do it in stages so we can dispose of the debris. He doesn't seem to see how much debris is going to be created by three 30' trees... *insert eye roll here*

I was excited to see that my currant tomato has flowers. Hooray! Best garden news so far. I've harvested about a tablespoon of peas. Carrots have lovely foliage but no carrot. I think the onions are doing ok, but they grew sideways for some reason. So far, all the new plants- jasmine, climbing hydrangea, trumpet creeper, red huckleberry, and albiqua drinking gourd hosta are settling in ok. Fingers crossed now.

Watched 'Labyrinth' with the kids yesterday... it was too scary for my son, but Coralie enjoyed it. Totally awesome flashback for me. Still felt awkward about David Bowie's, uh, package. :-)

Oh, I've discovered the best time suck ever:
The Brick Testament
Seriously, this is the most interest my kids have had in listening to Bible stories, ever. Not to mention the amount of time I've spent browsing it myself... :-)

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Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment the other day but the Internet ate it.

I'm sorry for the tantrums. I hope this week is easier.

Your gardening work inspires me! You're doing so much!