Monday, April 19, 2010


Just got back from Ree Drummond's book signing at Powell's... I got there 30 minutes early, because I have two kids and had to feed them and get them out of the house, and also because there was no way my two kids could stand to wait an hour or more to try and get a good spot. By the time I got there, the crowd has overflowed out of the store and they were out of tickets. Powell's uses a ticket system to keep the book signing portion under control and moving along. If you don't get a ticket, you have to wait until all the ticket holders have gone through before you can get in line. There was no way I could wait two hours or more with the kids... Keelan was whining to leave after the author had been talking for five minutes. So we made it through the talking/Q&A part and then we left. I was hoping to get my book signed, but settled for being just outside the room she was in. ;-)

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