Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Was Yesterday

Doesn't look all that good, does it? But it was delicious! I totally ate this spoonful of cookie dough after I took this picture. And it was VEGAN. Well, the dough was... not the PB chips. Anyway, I wanted to make cookies, but I often find cookie making tedious for some reason. Probably because I'm never organized enough to have the necessary ingredients at room temperature and making cookies often dirties a lot of dishes. Anyway, since vegan cookies have no butter or eggs, you pretty much just need one bowl. Unfortunately, these stuck really bad to my stainless cookie sheets (time to invest in a silpat, I guess), however they still taste great.

From the 'You Gotta Watch out for Those Sneaky Old Folks' department... this is a picture of the 1/2 a pill my feline senior citizen takes twice a day for her thyroid. She eats canned cat food now (after having 7 teeth removed, she doesn't really like the dry stuff) so I usually hide the pill in her food. WELL. She has figured out how to spit these out! I watched her do it... tipped her head to the side and *tink* out came the pill. WELL... now she gets a *pulverized* pill instead. Try to spit that out!
This is the load of dishes that my husband and I had a, ah, disagreement about. He complained about the dishes not being clean. I'm already pretty cranky, so I said 'Well, I don't usually say anything, but it really is because of the way you load the dishwasher.' That didn't go over well, and the passive-aggressiveness continued until I finally kicked him out of the kitchen.
This is the kind of week Coralie is having...

And also this... I know I'm supposed to ignore tantrums, but this is kind of hard to ignore. And, in case you're wondering, I was not making fun of my daughter while taking this picture. :-)
I think this was because I told her she'd need to do extra homework because she forgot to do it on Monday and Tuesday. She refused, so I took her Dug and put him up on her top bunk where she couldn't reach it, and told her he'd wait up there until she finished. It took her a long time to come around. And about 10 minutes to actually do the homework. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh my... I laughed because I understand.

Anonymous said...

Laura was world-class in the tantrum competition. I recall one time when she threw herself down on her bed on her back and starting kicking her feet and pounding with her little fists and screaming, her eyes squeezed shut and her face all screwed up; it was like something out of a movie. I couldn't help but laugh. Not the right response.

L's speciality was falling asleep in the middle of a temper; and then waking up next morning and continuing right where she left off. Just amazing.