Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is a Golden-crowned Sparrow. I've been trying to get more pictures of birds in the yard, but I don't really have the best camera equipment for that. I've found that if I sit quietly on the patio, these little guys just go about their business. They are very fat right now, as you can see. Yes, it looks like he's standing in a junkyard. :-)
The Townsend's Warbler was back today... he's very fat also. Couldn't get a picture of him.

We had gnocchi and chicken with blue cheese sauce for dinner... Keelan likes blue cheese, but he only ate the gnocchi because he doesn't really like chicken. Coralie tried it but doesn't like blue cheese. Kind of a heavy dish, cream sauce on starchy gnocchi, but oh my, it was good. My husband keeps asking me to make gnocchi with marinara, but there is just something wrong with that combination, to me. I really prefer them in soup, but it was good with the blue cheese.

Keelan had his first day of 'outside school' and he had a fantastic time. He was outside all day, despite the wind and cold. Everything went well, except for a couple of incidents involving two other kids (but it didn't involve him and he didn't seem to notice).
He's also been helping me with my 'virtual farm', planting seeds and harvesting them. Mostly because I think he likes tapping the screen. :-) We found a cone (pine? fir? dunno.) that was closed up tight, while we were walking to pick Coralie up from school. We agreed that we'd take it home to see if it had seeds in it (it didn't as far as I could see).

Not a bad day. I'm still cranky.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I had *such* a hard time finding the bird in that photo. The camouflage employed by our feathered friends... amazing!

Do you make your gnocchi?

What happens in your family when pierogies are served?

One time I tried to make gnocchi for my old boyfriend and the boy I wanted to be my boyfriend, and the gnocchi sank to the bottom of the pot. Eventually, I rescued it all, smashed it together, put romano cheese on it, and baked it all in a pie dish.

That was not the worst thing that happened that evening. :)

I look forward to hearing more about outside school whenever it feels good. E had a good day outside, too.