Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Dinner Fail

Bacon Cheeseburger Roll... not a hit. At least, not with the under-8 set. Pizza dough with bacon, hamburger, cheese, and onions rolled up inside... what kids doesn't like that?? Mine, evidently. Although, I nagged them into eating it because I'm hormonal and crabby.

Coralie had a bit of a meltdown right before dinner. A continuation of an incident earlier in the afternoon... she was mad at Keelan for something (per usual) and she said, 'I don't want to be his sister anymore'. Because I'm hormonal and cranky, I said, 'Ok, well, since you don't have a brother anymore, now you have to play by yourself.' Now that's something she really hates. Of course, she tried to change her mind right then, and tried to follow KP upstairs and I said, 'Nope, you don't have a brother so you get to stay here and play'. Oh, she was *really* upset about that. I just explained to her why what she said was hurtful, and not a nice thing for either of them.

So that little scenario set her up for upset when I told her that the milk she'd left on the table all afternoon was no longer drinkable. Big time tears then. It took her a long time to finally getting around to eating her dinner.

I'm so tired today... I think I will blame the hormones.


Anonymous said...

I have found that kids are actually quite conservative about food. They like what they like and don't see why they shouldn't have that every night.

Laura is big on pasta with red sauce. Spaghetti is the preferred form, but even elbow mac will do, as long as it's covered with red sauce, not cheese.

We go to Hometown Buffet every couple of weeks for Friday night dinner. L always has spaghetti with red sauce. It's so strange -- she makes a big fuss to go to Hometown for dinner ... and then eats the same thing every time.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I admire how you try new recipes. That sounds like such a kid-friendly dinner. I wonder if they'll ask you to make it again and surprise you?

I'm sorry Coralie was in a meltdown mood. E has been there this week, too, but I think for her it's how she's dealing with the stress and changes at home.