Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now Recovery Begins

Well, I think the toy avalanche has finally ceased. Now we begin the un-fun process of trying to find homes for everything.
After we got home last night from great-grandpa's (we made a hasty exit, as Keelan was so exhausted he was about to totally lose it) we were all exhausted. I couldn't decide if I wanted to just lie down and pass out (I was running on about three hours of sleep) or let my mind numb to some TV. I decided to have some Nighty Night tea and watch an episode of 'Sanctuary', thinking I'd sleep pretty well after the tea took effect. Not so! Sore throat woke me up. Chloraseptic spray did absolutely zip. Had to take some Excedrin and wait for that to work.

It still feels like I'm being stabbed in the tonsils when I swallow. Still using the gross cider vinegar gargle.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from all of the other things going on for D right now, he has an awful sore throat and is still dealing with congestion from the ick earlier this month. I'm sorry you've been suffering.