Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve...

Not surprisingly, the kids were quite anxious to get to bed.
Absolutely no gifts have been wrapped. I suppose The Husband expects me to stay up until he gets home to help him.

Coralie and I attended a church service with my mother-in-law, at her request. Their beliefs are pretty different than mine (they are Presbyterian). The sermon was confusing (to me, at least). The pastor was referring to Jesus as 'God' and 'the Son of God' at the same time. I was thinking, dude, they can't be both. Besides, if you think about it, if Jesus was just God in the flesh, it would mean that he was sacrificing himself for our salvation, which doesn't really make sense. The woman that I Bible study with is a Jehovah's Witness... which has it's own set of peculiarities, but it's pretty literal, which is actually less confusing. Anyway, the music at the church was nice and the sanctuary was festive.

I still have a sore throat (it's so much fun!) and today started up with the runny nose business. I'm tired because I've been staying up too late. I expect to be cranky tomorrow night.

And now, I'm going to go make 3 dozen rolls for Christmas dinner.

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