Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Now We're Cooking... With a Light Bulb

Coralie made cookies in her Easy Bake oven today. They are about the size of a quarter. Probably the size all sugar cookies should be. No taste test yet, she'll get to eat them tomorrow.

We're having a snow day. 3-4 inches probably. Enough to make me unable to go anywhere.

This tree branch, with Christmas lights still on it, should be up by the gutter... should pop back up when the snow melts.
The kids played outside for a long time. The fun ended when I caught Coralie throwing snowballs at the cat (who was, for once, trying to mind his own business). We had egg-in-a-hole, bacon, and fruit for dinner. I made cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. Would have been pretty easy if my dough hadn't stuck to the counter. :-/ At least it ended well.

Keelan had a super awesome playdate today with his friend E. The kids played, moms talked. My friend made an excellent lunch. I guess it was kind of a mom's playdate too. :-)

Now I've got some frosting to make and some 'Sanctuary' to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Easy Bake! It's not food, it's a food-like substance made with ingredients that could be used to make food.

Reyna had one of those. She was not generally interested in the product, only in the production.

Now she bakes brownies in the Real Oven. She doesn't like chocolate. But if it's the only sugar-delivery mechanism immediately available, a brownie or three will do.