Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not Old Enough

I feel old today... I'm not old enough to feel 'old'.
I tweaked my back sometime on Monday, and am still feeling the effects. I did get to the gym today, but there was a lot I couldn't do. Now it hurts to walk (it didn't at first). I'm taking some Arnica today, and I'm supposed to be icing it too, but I have kids, so... hopefully after they go to bed I can at least get one ice pack in.

Keelan wanted mac & cheese for dinner... I decided to make it from scratch today. Opinions were mixed. I only had some super strong white cheddar that smells like stinky feet, so I think that was a bit much for the kids. They both ate it, but not with any particular enthusiasm. On the upside, I have discovered the secret to non-curdle-y looking sauce (other than using processed fake cheese): eggs. The recipe I used called for tempering an egg and adding it to the sauce base. The result was a much nicer sauce texture.

The idea of getting a new PC has been percolating in my mind for a while. I'm not quite there yet, though, because I spent a large sum of money on a memory chip for this one. Because it's old, RAM for it is *really* expensive. Then there was the hell I went through to get it to work, and all of the stuff on the computer that was wrecked during that process that took forever to fix. I probably would have been better off putting it in the driveway and lighting it on fire. So, the memory (ha, pun!) of all that work is still fresh in my mind and I'm not ready to send it down the drain yet.

Coralie had a nice meltdown this morning on her way out the door for school... because my husband did not want her to take one of his Star Wars toys (yes, he still has toys) to school. *sigh*
Since both kids went to school today, me, The Husband, and The Old Cat took a nice long nap and got nothing done. Boy did I ever need it though.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry about your back. I hope the arnica works.

naugiedoggie said... has good prices for computers. you might want to check those out. make the old one into a file or print server on your home network. i'm still using a P3 350Mhz with a 3 GB hard drive and 168MB RAM for a print server -- utterly useless for anything else!

haggardmom said...

C- thanks, the Arnica helped... the only peeve I have is that I didn't have the cream so I have to take the tabs every hour or so until symptoms subside.

ND- yes, that might be a fun project for me... maybe I could do something with the museum-worthy old Gateway that's hiding in my closet. :-)