Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a Monday

I did not send The Little Dude to school today. He's had this cough that has been escalating over the weekend, topped off this morning by nasal passages completely packed with snot. So... even though he didn't have a fever, I decided we should keep his rotten cough at home. He seems better this afternoon... probably will get worse again after dinner. Seems to be the cycle it's on.

House cleaning lady was sick today, so no clean house. Husband and I will do it this week, especially since Coralie's friends are coming on Saturday. Husband has one day off this week, tomorrow.

Keelan and I had Chai buttermilk pancakes for lunch. From Ree Drummond's Tasty Kitchen site.

Went out to Loch Lolly in North Plains and picked up a Christmas tree on Saturday. After we'd agreed that we weren't going to have one. Husband suddenly developed an opinion on the matter and wanted a tree.

Still trudging through a mountain of laundry... progress has been made, but not caught up yet. Feels like it's neverending. I hate laundry.

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