Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Toy

I received my new iPod today... hopefully, little hands won't disappear this one too. :-/ I got an iPod touch this time... so far it has been easy to use. I haven't been able to set up all of the other functions yet, because of my wack-a-doodle computer, which I am about ready to drop kick off the roof. I have Wi-Fi, except the iPod can't see the network, and my PC says there is no wireless and no it can't show me the settings because the WMI is corrupt. But... the wireless *is* working because I can still get on the internet from the laptop... but, it's not showing my network on it's list either. Dunno. I'm trying not to get too fixated on the problem, otherwise I'll stay up all night trying to fix it. At least I'll get to listen to my meditations.

Keelan is coughing again, rather suddenly. He's been losing his voice intermittently today, and had some, uh, intestinal distress this afternoon. Hard to say if it's related, or coincidence. I had him drink a little tea with elderberry syrup before bed... he insists on cold tea, which is probably not nearly as helpful as warm tea. I have the humidifier in his room, and I had to make a last minute batch of chest rub because the jar I had magically disappeared. So I pulled up a recipe that uses petroleum jelly (yeah, I know, but I was in a pinch and it was what I had). I added a couple of drops of Thieves also.

We'll see if we get any frozen precipitation this evening... I have been reading up on how to bank a fire, to see if I could stretch it overnight for easy starting in the morning. But I think our stove is too small to do it effectively. Last night before bed, I pushed all the coals to the outside edge of the box, and filled the center with new Bear Bricks (love/hate relationship with these). Now this is the opposite of what you're *supposed* to do, which is push the coals to the center and put the wood in the back. However, this is a really small stove, and I prefer my skin and arm hairs intact and will not be reaching over a pile of hot coals. Then I closed the vent almost all the way and went to bed. This morning, there was one lone coal... but the upside is that because the stove wasn't completely cold, I was still able to get it going pretty easily.

I have approached my husband with the idea of working a day shift... because my sanity is dangling. His life is pretty much eat, sleep, work. He gets up to take Coralie to school, then he goes back to bed, sleeps until lunch, gets up and goes to work. Sometimes he fits in a load of dishes or bringing in some wood from the shed. I get no time with him at all. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. Any way, he seemed at least somewhat receptive... he said that there are no openings right now, but there is someone on the verge of retirement. He said that maybe he could see about getting her spot when she goes. I don't know when that will be. Hopefully, not 10 years from now when I'm in the asylum.


naugiedoggie said...

If your wi-fi is encrypted (and it should be), then it's a bit of messing around to get the Touch to get on it. The Touch requires you to put in the entire 64 or 128-bit key (i.e., 64 chars or 128 chars).

Do you have your 'puters set up on a workgroup?

haggardmom said...

I've tried to set the two up as a network, but it never quite works right. My router was supplied by Verizon, so it doesn't have the capability for me to set up the network using a flash drive. I've tried numerous times to do it manually, but I always get an error on the main PC. At least the wireless works. :-)
I did have to put the key in when setting up the touch, although I don't think it was 64 characters. I should check on that, because I thought that it was encrypted.

naugiedoggie said...

When you set up a wireless network with encryption in Windows, you enter a password and it creates a set of encryption keys based on the password. The keys are either 64-bit (a 13-character hex string) or 128-bit (a 26-character hex string). I don't have a touch here with me, but my recollect is that when I set up Anne's, I had to enter in the key, not the password, to get it to work. The key looks something like this: 99A86FD73617C9D02C3B41B05B.

Setting up an encrypted wireless network is not too difficult, unless you're using range extenders. That process is extremely annoying.

I just have a plain old DSL modem and to that I hooked up a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. 4 wired connections + the wireless. It has a decent interface for configuring the network. Provides DHCP for local connections, so anyone can connect when they bring over their laptops, just need the key or password.

You should be able to just go to My Computer>Properties>Computer Name and set the workgroup name. Doesn't that work?

naugiedoggie said...

Regarding the fire: the magic word is "tongs."