Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now That Was Fun, Wasn't It?

Yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary. Here's how it went.

Went to Target to buy dress shoes for my son, and a nice dress for my daughter. Discovered that all of the 'holiday' dresses were SLEEVELESS. This is a huge gimmick by the way... I know they are trying to force me to also buy a jacket or sweater. I gave that a big raspberry and found another dress, not on the 'holiday' rack. With SLEEVES.

I took the cat (the big fat meanie) to the vet for some shots (and didn't feel all that bad for him) and picked up some meds for the old lady.

My husband went to work. (I am not even going to delve into my feelings regarding his inability to ASK FOR A DAY OFF. You can probably guess)

I was viciously attacked by a highly persistent migraine. Said migraine proves to be impervious to Excedrin.

I let Keelan watch way too much TV, as I struggled with my desire to be horizontal.

Eventually turned off the TV and laid on the couch while my son polished off a half of a box of peanut butter sandwich crackers. And bounced on me.

Picked Coralie up from school.

Coralie insists on wearing her new dress and tights right after school. It is not a day where I feel like arguing.

Taco Pizza for dinner. Feeling annoyed because I still have a migraine and Spud sent me two rotten avocados. So, no avocados for Taco Pizza. Kids are not interested in it anyway.

Time for Keelan's Spiral Walk at his preschool. Coralie is already dressed. Getting Keelan dressed, I realize that the suit I bought him a few months ago now just barely fits. Manage to come up with something decent for myself.

When we arrived at the Spiral Walk, it was obvious that: 1. Only half of the school was there. (Due to horrible, albeit unintentional, planning which landed the event on a Tuesday night) 2. Only three of us realized that it was supposed to be a 'dress up' event.
So, with just me and two other families dressed up and everyone else in jeans, I felt utterly ridiculous.
Suffer through blessedly short event, help clean up afterward (since everyone who brought food was supposed to be off the hook for cleanup. Unfortunately, that was pretty much everyone except me and one other family).

After we got home, I peeled everyone out of their dress clothes and applied pj's. Took another dose of Excedrin, to no effect. Managed to get through one book with Keelan, but couldn't do any more. No reading for Coralie, because I'm pretty sure my head is going to explode at any moment.

Shower, jammies, bed by 9:30.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. I am so sorry about all of that.