Thursday, September 17, 2009

How You Like Them Melons...

Well, there it is. My one and only melon from the garden this year.
I had to pick it because when I went out to check on it, I saw that it was turning yellow. Well, when I turned it to look at the back, it had a hole in it! So, I was all, 'Hell no, you're not getting this one too!' So I went ahead and picked it. It was just a little under-ripe, but not flavorless. So, now I can stop stressing about the state of the plant, and move on to stressing about something else instead. :-D

On a related note, we got a super sweet and delicious Tuscan Cantaloupe from our CSA. Man it was good. I had an 'A-ha!' moment and saved half of the seeds. Washed them and dried them in the oven for a couple of hours. The farmer's wife said that this variety grows well in our climate. So, with any luck maybe we'll have some next year in our own yard.

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