Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hood River

Drove out to Hood River to hit some farms today...
I forgot to tell The Husband to change the white balance on the camera, so all his pictures were blue:

This beauty is a Golden Supreme, which is really a Golden Delicious on steroids:
This is how many apples a family of 4 can pick in about five minutes:
Sadly, these apples are not organic and very heavily treated, but they are destined to be peeled and cooked. They are beautiful anyway. All the farms we visited had apples that were covered with some kind of white powder, which I assume is pesticide or fungicide.
We had yummy scones at Packer Orchards, we toured the annual diorama display made with pumpkins and gourds at Rasmussen Farms... this year the theme is movies made in Oregon. The kids squealed with delight at the little kittens running around the farm at Draper's, and the old farm dog that we parked right next to who never budged from his spot.
It was a good day.

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