Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What a crappy time I've been having...
Weepy? Check!
Grumpy? Check!
Tired? Check, Check!
Hormones, glorious hormones...
I've been under a huge amount of stress lately... without sounding like a total whiner, I really want out from under this preschool enrollment thing I'm doing. It's like everyone's eye is on me to make sure we fill the rolls. Meanwhile...
I have a child in first grade, in addition to one in preschool.
I have a house to run.
I have a spouse who works swing shift, so I am essentially a single parent from lunchtime on.
I have a moms group.
I have a high-needs friend who just moved to this side of town and is freaking out.
Aunt Flo.
I am in the process of trying to treat multiple vague medical conditions, which also means that right now I have untreated depression and an energy level the size of a pea.
I have a garden that needs maintenance.
I have weekly Bible study.

So, I am sometimes finding it difficult to find time to return calls and deal with waiting lists and paperwork, when there is usually at least one child wrapped around my leg. (As often happens when they realize that the parent is suddenly busy with something else that is not them)
Additionally, I am incredibly disorganized, which is probably a big portion of why this stresses me out. I've already lost one phone message, only to have the person call back annoyed.
So, overall, I am not having a good time.

And there's my Whine Of The Day.

I really just need to suck it up and keep my eye on the calendar... I only have to do this until the end of the year.

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Anonymous said...

That was a great, honest, heartbreaking post, but I don't hear it as a whine. You have too much going on, and you need some ease.

December can't come soon enough with the passing on of enrollment torch. Could it get passed on sooner so that the new person can shadow you for awhile? Then you wouldn't feel so alone in this responsibility.

You aren't alone in it, btw, but I understand how it feels to be that concerned, and I understand how it feels when "just one more little favor" is asked of you.