Thursday, August 27, 2009


My spouse got up super early this morning so he could go out to breakfast with friends. I guess food is more motivating than me going 'Hey you, get up and feed the kids!'... anyway, he was gone for about 3 hours. In the meantime, his dad brought us some more crab, so I sent him a text that said 'Your dad brought crab. Your turn to clean. You still need to visit your grandpa.' So when The Hubster got home he proceeded to... sit on the couch (because going out and eating a giant breakfast without the kids is sooo much work). While the kids are running wild and there are still 900 dishes to be done. And he's been procrastinating on visiting his grandfather. Fortunately for him, he recognized my Super Stink Eye, jumped up and said, 'Ok kids, we're going to see great-grandpa!' So while he didn't do any dishes, at least he'll get one thing done today.

Drying some chilies now. It's making my house smell very pepper-y.

I got some Helichrysum hydrosol on sale from Mountain Rose Herbs. Wow, it smells really wonderful. Much better than the lavender. I don't know why, but lavender hydrosol smells weird to me...

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