Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Stuff Done

Trying to do something with my homeless veggies... or at least make room for them in the fridge... I bought a dehydrator today, so I'm dehydrating zucchini right now. I think I might try drying some chilies next, since I have quite a surplus going. I am super excited about my new gadget... and I think it will give me a way to use the leftover delicious syrup from my canned Nectarines- as a dip for drying fruit!
Made a batch of pickle relish today with all of my lemon cukes (and a lone pattypan I had). We're having pot roast for dinner, so I will cook up some Brussels sprouts to go with that. Although no one's going to eat them but my husband, but that is ok, as long as *someone* eats them!


Anonymous said...

I dehydrated about ten pounds of the nectarines, and they turned out great. That's wonderful that you got a dehydrator.

Someone on a list was talking about drying zucchini slices with spices on them so they taste like chips when you're done.

Someone else mentioned dehydrating greens (like too much kale) and then grinding it up into powder to add to soups and such later.

You'll be able to dry some of your own herbs, too. Score!

haggardmom said...

Yes, I saw on the Organic Homesteading list there was some talk about drying cukes too. I just used all mine for relish, but if I get some next week I might just try that too.
I like the idea of drying Kale, since I don't care much for it but want to find ways to make it palatable.