Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks a Lot

Well, I guess the gastritis hasn't been suffering enough, because now I have a sore throat too. *insert eye roll here*

Keelan's symptoms are worsening... the Holistic Dr. is out of town until the end of the month, so I'm taking him to see his regular pediatrician tomorrow. I don't expect much, but I do have some questions about whether or not this could be some kind of allergy or asthma that is being triggered by a cold. I'm also beginning to think that his afternoon fatigue may be related to his illness... if it were as simple as adjusting to not taking a nap anymore, I wouldn't have expected it to go on this long. He used to get up at 7 am, like clockwork. Now he sleeps from 7 pm to 8:30 am (unless his sister decides to wake him up). The positive thing in all this is that he feels fine, except for being tired. So at least he's not suffering too much. :-)

On a positive note:
I made Salmon for dinner. AND THE KIDS ATE IT WITHOUT COMPLAINING. In fact, my son had seconds. Success!

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