Monday, March 16, 2009

Once Again, This is Getting Really Old...

Sick again... back on clear liquid diet. (*sad*) Yesterday, threw up breakfast. Today, threw up lunch. Tomorrow, dinner??
In clear violation of my clear liquid diet, I had some tortilla chips with my tea this evening. ;-)

More pleasantly, if all goes well I will be buying a used Blackberry (Crackberry) on Craigslist. So Verizon can take their $400 Blackberry and stuff it. :-D This is very exciting to me, because it means I can have PDA functionality without having to carry an extra device... although talking on what amounts to a PDA with a phone in it will take some getting used to...

Ohhh, an my husband bought a Wii... so lot's of talk about Wii in our house now. Everyone wants to Wii... except me.

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