Friday, February 20, 2009

Raising the Nutrition Bar

My in-laws have the kids tonight, so I didn't have to make dinner for anyone but me. So while I probably should have had a salad or something with nutritional value, instead I ate my Red Robin leftovers consisting of 5 french fries and 1/3 of a chili cheeseburger, and my husbands leftover mexican take out.
Then I watched 'Hellsing' #1 (kind of a weird one, that) and 'Hitman'(cuz I loves me some Dougray Scott. That Timothy Olyphant is no troll either).

Keelan had his Naturopath appointment today. It went well, and now I have a few supplements that I have to give him. I hope it helps him, I don't like seeing him sick for so long.

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TMI Tara said...

Aaaah I love having a night all to myself. Leftovers are the best! I hope the supplements help also. =)