Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oooo, A Long Day

The Husband had to take a class/test/renew CPR card today. All day. He's been gone since 7-something this morning, and won't be back til 7-something this evening. So...

I got Coralie up and started on her breakfast.
I made the kids' lunches.
I tried to get Keelan up three times, ended up having to physically pull him out of bed.
Keelan decided he was going to refuse to eat his breakfast.
I took a speedy shower.
Ten minutes before we needed to leave to take Coralie to school, Keelan decided he wanted to eat.
Coralie insisted on riding her scooter to school, which takes twice as long because she keeps getting off and on.
I had to carry Keelan on my shoulders the whole way, because he wouldn't walk.
Coralie was late for school.
I carried her scooter back home, while Keelan whined about having to walk.
I grabbed Keelan's lunch and took him to school. (On time! Sweet!)
Absolutely *had* to get coffee on the way back.
Then, I immediately drove back to Coralie's school and collated approximately 485 copies of the school newsletter.
Went home and pruned all 9 of my rose bushes, and four other things whose names I can't remember.
I washed out an old bird feeder that was buried in leaves in the back yard.
By now, it was time to get Coralie from school... she appears grumpy.
We then jumped in the car and went to Keelan's school to pick him up. Thankfully, he had a good day and there were no 'Keelan shoved paper towels down the bathroom sink drain...' type reports.
At this point, I did get a little relief by letting the kids run around outside with some other kids at the preschool. I even got to talk to a couple of grownups!
At home, I let Coralie use the computer longer than I should have because it kept them both busy for a while.
By now I had to start dinner because it was going to take a long time to cook.
Meanwhile, the kids are racing around the house yelling 'POOP!' and blowing raspberries at each other.
My composure slipped a bit and I yelled at them to go outside.
Thankfully, they actually said 'yay' to dinner and not 'ewww...I HATE CHICKEN'.
Right now, they are watching a video and it's about time for The Little Dude to get his jammies on...
I'm that much closer to the END OF THE DAY. Yay.

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