Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goodbye $ (Again)

Our much anticipated master bath remodel begins on Monday. I am so looking forward to a shower that actually drains and doesn't leave a cold puddle for the next user. Although, Bosco will be sorely disappointed that the puddle is gone... (he drinks out of it)

Friday I am taking my son to see a Naturopath. I just have this gut feeling that something else might be fueling these persistent colds and coughs that he gets. He's the only one in our family who stays sick for a month or more each time he gets a cold. The pediatrician's office believes he just has a virus, but to cough for up to six weeks every time he gets a cold just seems wrong to me. So, I'm off for another opinion and hopefully some new ideas on how to help him. It's going to cost me $250. *sad*

Coralie had a checkup today. She is at 50% and 45% for weight and height, respectively, so she is right on track. The pediatrician re-iterated not getting into power struggles with her over meals. This is hard to do, since she refuses meals out of her desire to control things/people, but I want her to eat. So, I will try harder to back off.

That said, I made some soup with meatballs and gnocchi last night and both kids actually ate it without any grumbling. It even had vegetables in it. Yay!

Coralie also made a silhouette of George Washington at school, which she is so proud of. She carried it with her all day today, and had to show it to the receptionist, the nurse AND the doctor at the clinic. Then we had to take it to grandma and grandpa's to show it to them too. That George, he's really been around today. ;-)

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