Monday, February 23, 2009

Let The Fun Begin

Well, bathroom remodeling began today. So, right now my bathroom looks like this:

Shower, anyone?

Hey, the toilet is in the bathtub!

I should also add that the smell of fiberglass dust that wafted through the house as the contractor was chopping up the shower was really fine. He's also making an awesomely white trash junk pile in our driveway.

My son decided to nap at 4 pm today, which meant that he rolled out of bed at 6 pm. He was a real grumpus too. He was bordering on a tantrum when I told him he couldn't have cereal for dinner because we had noodles. His lip was quivering at me, and he kept saying 'I want no noodles mom! NO NOODLES!' Over and over. Eventually the possibility of dessert wooed him into eating some dinner, except then he ate the whipped cream off of his pie and said 'I don't want the pie'. So then I had to eat it. What a bummer. :-)
I am having some trouble getting him to take all of the doses of all three supplements... the probiotic is not too much of a problem, because he only needs that once a day, but the other two he's supposed to take three times a day. I just can't rely on him to always finish whatever food/beverage I hide them in. The other day, it took him all day to finish one small glass of apple juice with his Sinupret in it. :-/

My daughter's elementary school has fundraisers every Friday where they sell popcorn for 25 cents... except that it's really crappy popcorn. Last week she brought home four bags, because she insisted on spending her tooth fairy money on popcorn for the whole family. :-) So what the kids didn't eat, I made into caramel corn today. I found a recipe on allrecipes for caramel corn made in the microwave. It turned out awesome! I expect it will all be gone in short order... hopefully my husband will eat it, so it can go straight to his thighs instead of mine.

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