Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ahh... the Big Day is here. The kids were pleased with what they found under the tree this morning. And because of the limited amount of toys, they actually remained sane and interested in playing.
I've been thinking a lot about what Christmas means to me... about people's odd inclination to be complete asses this time of year, and yet so many are also inclined to help those less fortunate. The true meaning of this holiday has been lost on so many, drowned in marketing, last minute sales, and buy buy buy. And what about people's generosity? Why do people want to help out only at Christmas? It's not like there aren't needy folks during other times of the year... Don't you think that He would want us to be that way all the time? Isn't that part of being one of His children?? Yet, I still need to figure out how to apply the answers to these questions to myself and my own family. While we do make small monetary donations to a few different charities over the course of the year, and we adopt a teen mom each Christmas through a local teen parenting resource group, I have not found a way to work in some more volunteer work. Many other moms I've talked to at my discussion groups have expressed a desire to do more volunteering, so it's not just me... it is hard when I have two that go to school on different schedules, and a husband who works nights. So far the best I have been able to do is help out with the elementary school newsletter.

On a simpler note, I am working on my daughter's birthday cake for tomorrow. Tomorrow she will be 6 years old... holy crap! Anyway, she asked me to put marshmallows in her cake, which appears to have yielded mixed results- I'm sure it will taste fine, but it's all lumpy and weird. Hopefully I can cover it up with frosting. :-/

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