Friday, August 15, 2008

Aaaah... I'm Melting...

Well, the therm-o-meter on my patio said 110 today. Anything over 80 is too damn hot, so its safe to say that... it's too damn hot!
I decided to have a 'picnic' in the living room for dinner, and let the kids watch TV while we ate (usually a no-no). While they thought the whole picnic thing was great, they still just picked at their food and then wandered off.
We didn't spend a heck of a lot of time outside, except after dinner, when the kids went out and wasted some water with the hose. Not on themselves, I should add, but 'washing' the BBQ.
Tomorrow, I am taking miss Coralie to see a theater production of 'The Little Mermaid'. Hopefully it isn't too long, because her attention span is short.
My daughter is currently highly interested in watching 'The Food Network'. I think this is great, not only because it is not Spongebob Squarepants and therefore not migraine-inducingly annoying, but maybe having an interest in food on TV will help her be interested in food in real life. Oh, what I'd give for my daughter to like more than 5 foods (outside of fruit). Now, at the dinner table, she says things like, 'Oh, look how great this is! It's going to be delicious!' as she's pouring berry sauce onto her waffle. Or, while watching 'Semi-Homemade': 'Mommy, come look at her table-scape!' Future foodie? Maybe...
I did my school shopping for Coralie's kindergarten supplies... the total came to a whopping $6, thank you Big Lots! Actually, the supply list for kindergarten is quite short- glue, ziploc bags, hand sanitizer, tissue, and baby wipes. Markers were optional, and Big Lots didn't have the ones listed, so I didn't get those. I might pick some up before school starts.
I received a new issue of 'Parents' magazine today. I usually enjoy reading them, for the most part, I can ignore the stuff that's too 'mainstream'. I like to read the bloopers on the last page. This issue included one that started out 'We bought our 5 year old daughter her own computer for her birthday...' WHAAAT? People actually do that? Are you HIGH?? Maybe I can't relate because I am too broke to afford to do something like that, although I like to think that even if I did, I would NOT be buying my 5 year old a computer. Lord have mercy... Coralie is quite satisfied to share my computer, and play games on for 15 minutes a day.
Time to pay bills (and hopefully not cry at the account balance) and get some beauty sleep...

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