Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brain Fry

Well, both kids are in school now. In a surprising turn of events, Coralie *loves* to go to school, while Keelan is having some difficulty. Here I thought that she would be the one with the problem.

Unfortunately, all the stress of trying to fall into a new schedule with the kids going to school has meant that I didn't sleep a complete night for the whole week. I woke up at midnight or 1 every single night. Not surprisingly, I felt shitty all week, and I missed both of my gym workouts. (guilt. guilt. guilt...)

I have been re-started on anti-depressants. Now I'm on 'combination therapy', which is a fancy way of saying 'now I take two drugs'. There are meds on the market now that are a two-in-one, but I have Tightwad Insurance with the worlds most outdated formulary, so what they pay for name-brand prescriptions is crap. So, taking two meds that are well-established and have generics on the market is easy on my wallet. Fortunately, my Dr. knows this. Thankfully, I can already feel myself evening out. Yay. Now, if I could just find my missing libido...

From the Wisdom of Children department:

Popsicle Observations

K- 'There's raisins in it'.
Me- 'Keelan, there aren't raisins in there'.
K- 'No the orange one had raisins' (the orange handled one he had the other day)
Me- 'I didn't put raisins in there'
K- 'No! The popsicle thing did it!'
Me- 'The popsicle thing put raisins in your popsicle?'
K-'Mmm hmm.'


K- 'It's windy.'
Me- 'Yes, it is windy today.'
K- 'My popsicle is windy too.'

I'm telling you, you can't make this stuff up.

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