Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Patio Time!

Some shots of the new patio... the sealant was still a little tacky in spots, but I talked to the guy today and he said it was ok to walk on. We're very excited about it, it looks fantastic. I haven't started repairing the surrounding landscaping yet, but probably will this weekend. We also still have some cleanup to do in the yard, but overall the workers didn't leave too much mess other than some concrete residue on the grass and on some of the plants. Not much that could be done to avoid that, since they were pumping the concrete from a truck. So, lots for us to do this weekend.
Mostly, I'm looking forward to not having to be anywhere tomorrow morning. It's been a bad insomnia week, so I'm pretty wiped out. I made it to the gym today, but it didn't feel like a very good workout. A lot of muscle cramping.
We're going through a rough spot with Coralie... her teacher mentioned, by pure coincidence and in reference to a different child, that kids get sassy around 5 1/2 or so. It feels like such an understatement right now... in addition to the attitude problem, we also have the 'Random Emotional Breakdown'. As evidenced by the flood of tears that exploded today when she saw that her bean burrito had onions. Oh, the horror! The other night, it was triggered by not being able to find her 'Pooky' bear at bedtime (this is a recent attachment)... the husband and I scrambled to find it, scouring the house for 15 minutes while she sat in bed and wailed, only to find that it was in her bed the whole time. My some miracle I kept my temper. *sigh* I know we'll get through it, but it seems so hard sometimes...

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