Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let the Games Begin

Well, something I have wanted for a long time is happening today: a new patio. Yes, I have achieved the ultimate level of lameness. Still, this is something that has been percolating for a long time. When The Husband and I first bought this house, the deck was rotten. We agreed that we would install an artificial wood deck (like Trex) because I knew that we (actually, he) would not keep up the maintenance of a cedar deck. Well, my father-in-law told hubby that he could get him a good deal on cedar through a friend, to which my husband said 'YES'! So, we ended up with a cedar deck, which has been poorly maintained and looks like crap. We've had a number of discussions regarding the proper way to finish a deck, and I always lose that argument, so there you go. So, a classmate of Coralie's recently had a stamped concrete patio installed, and it is *beautiful*. I got the name of the company and got the quote (ouch, BTW) and decided to do it. The Husband was a little mad at me, because he was hoping to spend that money on a car to replace our Chevy Crapmobile. I guess we had a miscommunication, because I thought that he wasn't that into buying another car right now, and I had told him that I'd rather spend that $ on the house. I figured that since The Husband started taking the train to work and we're driving less, replacing the Crapmobile would be less of a priority. Besides, hubby loves that car.
So, the guys are out ripping up our ugly deck and by the end of tomorrow we should have a lovely new PATIO.

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