Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not Again!

Miss Coralie developed a productive cough rather suddenly on Saturday. Now, I can feel that I am getting sick again. I started Zicam today. :-/
I had my first Yoga class yesterday. It was great! I was relieved to see that it was mostly old people, so I didn't feel so bad about my un-yogi-ness. The teacher is a very nice man who is very much like a smaller, milder version of Fred from the B-52's. It's the easiest of the three available classes, so I didn't have to put both feet behind my head and walk on my hands or anything. I am a bit sore today, though. I was really hoping that the pleasant sense of calm and relaxation that I felt when I left the gym would carry my through the day but when I got home to the usual din of 'Mommy!I want a snack!Mommy!I want up!Mommy! Play with me!Mommy!I want to watch TV!Mommy!!Keelan's not sharing!!Mommy!I want candy!' *poof* Relaxation gone.

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