Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Bits

Well, it was a lovely day today here in Ory-gun. After our monthly pilgrimage to the family therapist, The Husband went to work and I picked up the kids from Grandma & Grandpa's. I stopped at the park on the way home-

I could have stayed outside all day! Except that a certain little person had to pee and there was no bathroom...
I've been to the Dr., had some labs, and got a birth control pill sample. The labs say me iron be low, so I've been on an iron supplement. I feel a thousand times better than I have in so long. How odd that it turned out to be that simple. Hopefully the pills will hand me a victory over Aunt Flo, thus ending the plummeting iron levels.
I'm now 4 months into my stay-at-home-mom-adventure. We now officially have *no money*. We're now on a (tight! can't breathe!) budget, being managed by me. I am now the Receipt Commando. Everything is tracked. We haven't eaten out in weeks. This is not all bad... it's something we should have started long ago, but The Husband is not budget minded. He isn't used to having to pay attention to what's in the bank. However, actually going in the hole for the first time ever (I didn't think an irishman could get any whiter, but have now been proven wrong) finally seems to have dusted off the cobwebs in that area of his brain. The bonus is that now that he has to hand over all his receipts, he no longer has 9,000 of them in his wallet. From 6 months ago.
I've changed some services- dropped the DirecTV movie channels, pared down our home phone service package and dropped voicemail (Welcome back, O Crappy Hard to Understand Answering Machine). I am trying to find ways to keep some services that are important to me, such as the lovely lady that cleans my house on Mondays, and the personal trainer at the gym that keeps my fat at bay. Might seem frivolous on the surface, I guess, but I know how I am about going to the gym on my own accord, and having the floors mopped every week keeps my sanity from going around the bend. Especially since my son still eats things off the floor. *On a side note, he was eating a bag of cheerios at the nature park when he dropped one in a mud puddle. And I mean, a puddle *in the mud*. That he'd just been stomping in, stirring up said mud. He let if float in there for a couple of minutes before he plucked it out and ate it before I could stop him.
I'm totally hooked on Holmes on Homes. I record it on the DVR every day and watch it in the afternoon, before I start dinner. My daughter usually watches it with me. She has informed me that she 'only likes the ones where they fix kitchens'. And recently asked me if we had in floor heating in our kitchen. Holmes says 'crap' a lot... so one of these days she'll roll out a 'what a piece of crap!'. Probably while we're at my in-laws.
Well, time to go pretend that I know Yoga and do some stretches before I get in bed and not sleep.

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