Sunday, July 8, 2007

Enjoying Summer and Staying Busy

Just some random bits...

I watched Wanda Sykes 'Sick and Tired' last night, and laughed my ass off. Which I really needed, by the way. She is a funny lady.

I watched 'Ice Age 2' with Coralie, and thought it was pretty good. I particularly liked the dung beetle rolling a ball of poo up a hill, saying 'Do we really have to take this crap? I'm sure they have crap where we're going...'

Keelan turned two on June 30th. The floodgates have officially opened. He is now a terrible two. Although, we do get a heck of a lot of laughs out of listening to him repeat everything. Like, 'Awesome!', 'sweet!', and 'dude!'
This afternoon while he was still in his crib for naptime, Coralie was in the bathroom taking care of business, and (as usual) hollers 'I poop mommy!!' A few seconds later, from Keelan's room came, 'Poop! I did it! Yay!'

I've been meaning to post a pic of the completed kitchen, but I keep forgetting to do it when the kitchen is actually reasonably neat.

On Keelan's birthday, I had to take a litter of teeny tiny newborn kittens that were under my front porch to the shelter. Then, about 4 days later the mom turned up. She was so cute, and I tried to convince The Husband to let me keep her, but he wouldn't have any of it. So I had to take her to the shelter too. I suppose I could have just had her spayed and left her an outdoor cat, but that just didn't sit right with me. I would feel terrible if something happened to her. I sure hope someone adopts her.

Coralie had a fantastic time at zoo camp last week. This was the first year she was old enough to go to day camp, and she did great. She got to see all the animals at the zoo and make some fun crafts. Actually, it was better than a mere day trip to the zoo, because they divided the zoo into five sections and visited one each day. Usually when we go as a family we don't see everything because the kids get tired of walking.

I was *really* hoping to see 'Transformers' this weekend, but just couldn't fit it in. I have to get up at 5 am to go to work tomorrow, so I couldn't go tonight. :-(

That's it for now... gotta get to bed. zzz...

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Carmen San Diego said...

I love love love Wanda. She cracks me up.