Friday, June 22, 2007

Didn't Quite Make It...

As you can see, the walls are, in fact, *not* canary yellow... as it appeared to be in previous photo's. Sometimes colors come out wacky with my camera. (Easier to blame the camera rather than the user LOL)

Well, the kitchen project is going to go over the original 10 day estimate, but not by too much. He still has to finish painting, put the cabinet knobs on and replace the window. He's actually going to work tomorrow (Saturday) for a few hours, and probably finish up on Monday. I did actually get to use the stove today, for the first time in two weeks. I made oatmeal for dinner, because, well, I'm out of everything and don't want to do a big grocery trip until I can actually put the food in the kitchen.

It's been such a long week, and I am so damn tired, I can't think at all... time to do myself a favor and go to bed!

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kristi said...

I love the tiles and countertops...awesome colors!