Monday, June 18, 2007

More Kitchen Tidbits

Mmm... new countertop...

Some painting has begun on the cabinets... the contractor said he just wanted to do a little today, to let it dry and see how it takes. Our cabinets don't have a thick finish on them, and are quite dry. He's thinking that some of the cabinetry is so rough that he might have to sand it to take out some of the texture. Also, he said that the window came in, but he's going to do that last. So things are ticking along.

For quite some time we've been dumping our BBQ ashes in the very back of the yard in various locations. It hasn't been a problem until today... I didn't see, but based on the amount of ash on Keelan's face, there is a very high likelihood that he ate some. Fortunately, we use natural charcoal and no lighter fluid, so it's probably pretty benign as far as that kind of thing goes LOL.

Coralie had her first playgroup of the summer... it was good to see everyone, and let all the kids get their wiggles out. We had an excellent potluck lunch of various salads. I only contributed a snack because I can't cook anything this week. :-(

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