Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Heart Vacation

We spent last weekend in Pacific City, and it was wonderful to be out of town. Minimal chores, no phone, no laundry, and ahhhh... the beach! The weather was mixed, but not too bad. The kids had a most excellent time. We even had enough sun on Sunday for my husband and Coralie to get a little bit pink from being outside. Yes, that's right, I let my daughter out without sunscreen. It's not that I want her to get burned or anything, but I guess I'm just not that neurotic about it and so sometimes I forget. I ate a lot of junk, and paid for it dearly Saturday night, so I was more careful on Sunday.

The Husband has been off work all week, and so has been accomplishing some long-time-coming chores. A trip to the dump and an *enormous* trip to Goodwill. And I still found stuff he could have taken, after he got back. Oh well, there's always something that needs to go. Fortunately, there's another group, The ARC, that picks up once a month. So next time they're coming by I'll put stuff out for them.

Keelan had his first dental appointment today. The Husband drew the short straw this time, since I had to take Coralie to school. He said it went okay, although the dentist didn't get much of a look in his mouth. He did give us a list of foods that promote cavities, one of which is raisins. I was pondering that as I watched my son eat a box of raisins this afternoon LOL. Interestingly, the dentist said that we can start him on fluoridated toothpaste in six months. We waited a really long time with Coralie, mostly because we didn't know any better. So that will be nice, because baby toothpaste is a rip-off and I'll be glad to not have to buy it anymore.

Our kitchen remodel starts Monday, yay. We'll be spending the weekend moving stuff out to the living room and garage.

Well, that's all for now, I have to get up at 5:30 am to go to the gym. (zzz....)


Dorky Dad said...


Good luck with the kitchen!

haggardmom said...

Actually, they say any dried fruit is bad, because it's sticky. I still think if I can get them to eat that instead of candy, it's a bonus. :-)