Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where'd the Sun Go?

It was supposed to be nice this week, but the weather has been wacky. Alternating sun and rain... not unusual for this time of year, I suppose...

Been having some trouble now with Keelan, exhibiting his 'two-ness'... no longer content with just being a fun-loving angel, he is now increasingly moody and defiant. Instead of happily running upstairs for a nap or to get ready for bed, he instead throws himself on the floor or runs away. He throws his arms above his head when I try to pick him up, to make himself harder to hold onto. He is also becoming increasingly difficult to change at diaper time, but doesn't seem interested enough to toilet train yet. Talking to him at meals is something like this:
Keelan- 'Cereal!'
Me- 'You want more cereal?'
Keelan- 'No!'
Me- 'Are you done?'
Keelan- 'No!'
Me- 'Do you want down?'
Keelan- 'Cereal!'
And so on...

Work has been shitty this week... we're short staffed and got hit with a $375000 deposit. There's only myself plus one full time person in the department, and we have one person from another department helping. I keyed in a lot of checks today, and I'll have to make about a bazillion photocopies tomorrow. Bleh. Sometimes, I do wish I could go back to not working...

Coralie had her face painted at school on Tuesday:

I've been enjoying being able to watch 'Animal Cops' on Animal Planet this week, and Coralie has actually been watching it with me (for the most part- she gets distracted toward the end). I worried at first that maybe she was too little, but there hasn't been anything too gruesome, and she likes to see the animals. She doesn't really seem to understand why people get their animals taken away, or why they get sick, but she asks a lot of (repetetive LOL) questions.

My weight has been stable recently, despite some bad food choices LOL... but I have discovered that a can of V8 in the evening deters me from that night-time boredom snack. That has been helpful in keeping me away from the peanut butter pretzels in the evening LOL.
My biggest weakness right now is the BBQ... sometimes I do just plain old chicken, but Bool Kogi (Korean boneless short ribs) from Trader Joe's, yum-yum. Tonight I had some Bool Kogi, half a chicken sausage, and a salad. Coralie is really into the chicken sausage, and since she doesn't eat much meat, I'll take what I can get. Keelan, well, today he had flax chips and applesauce for dinner, and we all had some dried apricots after dinner. At least he'll be regular LOL.

We are going to the beach for 4 days next week, Friday-Monday. I've already started writing a packing list, so we can hopefully not forget so many things this time. It should be just in time for my period, too. *sigh*
I've been on the lookout for rash guards for the kids for a long time, waiting for the ones at LL Bean to go on sale, but that didn't happen. I wanted long-sleeve ones for both kids. Well, I finally got them from Swim Outlet for only $13 each! At least that will be that much less sunscreen to worry about, and it should keep them a little warmer on the beach.

Well, that's all for now... time to go fall into bed, since I've been up since 5 am... zzz...

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