Friday, December 22, 2006

I Heart CraigsList

Shopping is like shopping at Ross- if you have time to wade through all the shit, there are some mighty fine deals! I got a big plastic outdoor play structure for $40, and a train table for $75. Sweet! The Husband and I have decided that a lot of people on craigslist have been watching too much 'Antiques Roadshow', because they think their shit is worth waaaay more than it is... (if I'm willing to pay $125 for something that costs $175 new, hello, I will probably be buying the new one, thanks)

I recently bought a sweatshirt from with this on it. Interestingly, only two people have known that it is from... the guy behind the counter at Schlotzky's, and the 13 year old daughter of the woman I bought the play structure from. The guy at Schlotzky's said 'That's fuckin' awesome!' (complete with devil horns hand sign) and I thought, 'That orange Maverick in the parking lot, with the black hood, that's your's, isn't it?'

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